Mi, 3.9.2018 15-22 Uhr

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Live Performance X South African Street Food X Beergarden x Open Air Party

Presented by I'Lala Vuka- South African Vintage and Future Sounds, TANZCAFÉ ILSES ERIKA and Villa Hasenholz!

Chords, percussions, chants, vibrations, drumbeats and repetitively sexy playful texts. From street Bashes of Soweto to the night clubs and beergardens. This amazing sound has finally found its way to the shores of Europe and we will give you Leipzig a tatse of this generation mindset shifting sound that is sure to relax your mind and bring enchanting rythms to your feet and body.

African and inspired music has been part and parcel of the wave of umderground beats and sounds since the beginning of time. It unites nations and breaks down borders that have kept people us apart for many years. This time around we will be celebrating the reunfication of Germany through the same incredible sounds and beats that ended apartheid in South Africa. The food itself has been a stern part of the outdoors entertainment culture. Topped with that we will all be having a feast together to celebrate unity and oneness. Glory to the music, Glory to the people, Glory to our generation that will keep shifting and tilting norms one Drumbeat at a time

Welcome, Leipziger to the fourth of many I'Lala Vuka events. As a part of the Ilses in Exil editions we will host this incredible party at @Villa Hasenholzs beergarden

Outdoor Party ( Hip Hop, Trap, Kwaito)


Live Performance

Sinelizwi Songca aka Yannick The Rapper

The Tribe Called Human

Open Air Party (Gqom, House, High Life, Disco, Funk)

@DJ Nomad( Hans Reuschl)

International Bauer
Buti Sekhalanga - DJ Buti


S M A L L H I S T O R Y + P R E S S R E L E A S E

English Version

I'Lala Vuka (Translation: The Awesome Party That Never Ends)
What we plan to do is take you back, way back, back where the amazing, musically diverse South African music culture was cultivated...

Thank You
"I'Lala Vuka Team"

German Version

I'Lala Vuka - Die Party die niemals endet!
Was wir vorhaben ist euch zu entführen in eine längst vergangene Zeit. Eine Zeit in der die einzigartige, von außerordentlicher Vielfalt geprägte, Musikkultur des urbanen Südafrikas ihre Anfänge nahm...

Euer "I'Lala Vuka" Team